Founding Pastor-Chad McComas

Founding Pastor

Chad McComas

Chad McComas grew up in a Christian home and decided in his teen years that he wanted to commit his life to serving Jesus. While attending a Christian College he met Debi and they talked about how they would serve God together. They married on April 11, 1976. On January 1978 Chad and Debi were hired to serve as pastors in a large denomination which they served faithfully until May, 1997. Chad & Debi realized that the average church doesn’t do well with people caught up in addictions and dysfunction. Because of a personal family situation they determined to start a new church that would help people find support and freedom from the grip of sin and addictive behavior. Set Free Christian Fellowship was born on July 5, 1997.

Chad & Debi have two children. They are both committed to serving Jesus Christ.

Marci was born in 1986 and has had her own challenges with multiple back surgeries to correct an extreme case of Sclerosis and a daily struggle with Addison’s Disease.

Marc has given his life to Jesus Christ. He is married to Sera and lives in Medford. He is the youth pastor of Set Free and helps serve the church in audio visual and class coordination.

The McComas family has experienced much of the pain the world has to offer, but they have found their strength and power through Jesus Christ.

Chad is on the board of directors for DASIL and Rogue Retreat. Both are social service agencies in Medford.

To see the web sites for those organizations click here: DASIL ROGUE RETREAT